All you need to know about the GTRevenue affiliate program

Click here to join the GTRevenue affiliate program. Select your username, password and fill out the required fields in the form; then click submit to apply for our program. Once our team reviews your site(s), and approves your application, we’ll send you an email verifying your account which will allow you access to our affiliate site. Your username/ID is encrypted into a unique token which will be embedded into marketing tools to track players to your account.

We invite anyone of legal age (18 years old +) to apply for our affiliate program.

To ensure a robust partnership it’s important that your website(s) is a suitable fit for our affiliate program. Websites geared for children or which promote violence, for example, would not be considered a good fit to promote GTbets. It’s for that reason we review each and every application to ensure a solid foundation from the start.

GTbets does not accept wagers from players residing in Canada, Israel, The Netherlands, The Netherlands Antilles, Peoples Republic of China, North Korea, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Libya, and the following U.S. States: District of Columbia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New York, and Washington.

Once logged in to our affiliate website, you can choose any of the available banners to promote on your website. Each banner carries a unique token that is encrypted with your unique ID and tracks referrals to your account. If you don’t find a banner specific to your audience or a size that works for your site, contact for assistance.

We do not allow any form of brand infringement. Affiliates may not register any domain name, logo, design or similar material that may confuse or compromise our brand. We do not allow use of in the display URL, description or tags in any marketing communications with any search engine for pay-per-click advertising; nor use of the trademarked or branded terms or derivatives of their spelling within visible marketing communication copy of search engine ads.

To calculate players’ net revenue in the sportsbook, casino and racebook, we take the sum total of gross revenue generated from all channels combined, (wagers won/lost) and then deduct from the total any money that was added to an account as a bonus / incentive as well as a percentage of fees for processing. The figure that remains in considered the players net generated revenue on which commissions are based.

Affiliates are paid commissions once per month. We prepare commission statements around the 5th of the following month and process payments until mid-month.

Yes, the minimum balance required is as follows:

* Cash Payment - $500
* Bank Wire - $500
* Check by Mail - $500
* Skrill – $50 minimum
* Neteller – $50 minimum
* Sportsbook account transfer – No minimum

We offer several payment options that vary according to which country you reside in.

* Cash payment - min. payment of $500
* Bank Wire - min. payment of $500 – all affiliates
* Check by Mail – min. payment of $500 – North American affiliates only
* Skrill - min. payment of $50 – all affiliates (excluding US and Canada)
* Neteller - min. payment of $50 – all affiliates (excluding US and Canada)
* Transfer to a GTbets Sportsbook Account - all affiliates with an active player account

If your players are up (win more wagers than they lose) it’s likely your affiliate account will not show earnings. Your account will show a negative balance and you won’t earn commissions until your account shows a positive balance. However, as long as you send 2 or more New Purchasing Players in the current month, we don’t carry over negative balances based on player winnings into the next month. As long as you had 2 or more New Purchasing Players in the month, even if you had a negative Net Win figure due to winning players, your affiliate account will start with a clean slate at the beginning of the next month. If your Net Win is a negative figure, and you did not send 2 or more New Purchasing Players in the current month, the negative balance will be carried-over into the next month.

In order for an affiliate to earn commissions from his referred visitors, the visitor must sign up for a new account and also fund with the minimum deposit required in either the Sportsbook, Casino or Racebook. This type of customer is also known as a “real money player”.

All players who make a deposit and later charge back will be marked as fraudulent and have their account frozen. No commissions will be paid on fraudulent player accounts. If a chargeback(s) brings your balance into a negative position, the amount owing will need to be carried forward to be worked off unlike balances affected simply by winning players.

Yes, we encourage affiliates to open a player account with GTbets, however, we do not pay commissions on affiliate’s personal revenue. To open an account join here.

No, we do not allow an affiliate to manage or transfer funds within his players’ accounts. Nor do we pay commissions into other player’s accounts; we will only pay affiliates commission into their personal player account.

To track how many of your referred players have signed up at and are now assigned to your affiliate sheet, simply log into our affiliate site and visit the Reporting section which is available online 24/7. Our reports allow you to view your player’s activity such as new sign ups, deposit amounts, wagers won / lost, etc on all our products. (Sportsbook, Casino and Racebook) Within our Reporting section we offer several types of reports, which allow affiliates to keep track of their players as well as their monthly net revenue commission.

Each visitor is carefully tracked using a comprehensive cookie-based tracking system to ensure that you are credited for your referrals. All of our online Marketing Tools will be embedded with your unique ID username/ID so we can ensure we’ve captured your referrals. When a visitor clicks on a banner or link the source is captured through “cookies” which will remember that visitor for 180 days. An affiliate can keep track of visitors’ activity to GTbets by visiting the Reports section.

If a player signs up online, we suggest they list the affiliates username, website or unique promo code in the “where did you hear about us” section. As an option, players can also contact our team at or an account manager directly to inform us of which affiliate referred them.

If you forget your account login, please contact and we will send you your account information. Please include your name, company name or any other useful information that will help us locate your account.

To update or edit your profile information, simply log into our affiliate site. You can edit all your information such addresses, phone, emails, payment options, URLs, etc.

Company policy stipulates that all players account information remain confidential. We respect our customer’s privacy we will not under any circumstances give out their information. The only detail an affiliate will receive or see on reports is the players unique account number.

Please read our Terms & Conditions here.

For questions for further information on our partners program contact us at